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Companies unable to define which competences they need for their future are also unable to find the most suited talents to join their team to master the challenges ahead. Competency is not an absolute category. Who wishes to measure competency, needs appropriate tools to do so.


The scientifically funded OutMatch ASSESS by SCHEELEN® tools enable businesses to define the skills they need for their future success. The developed target profiles allow not only the evaluation of current staff members, but also to compare the skills of applicants to the businesses' needs. Hence, satisfying and effective teams can be build and recruitment processes improved. For the latter, the tools provide additional competency-related interview question. To sum up, the OutMatch ASSESS tool is an ideal basis for a sustainable leadership development and coaching process.

OutMatch ASSESS Competency Analysis

In cooperation with the management and HR team and guided by the structure of the OutMatch ASSESS Competency Modelling Process an individual competency model is created for the corresponding company. The competency model is composed by the general requirements of the company towards its management staff, as well as by the specific requirements of the different organizational units within the company. The comparison of the competency model with the evaluation reports of the employees allows the company to identify its need for improvement on a scientific basis and to adapt its HR development and recruitment processes accordingly.

OutMatch replaces the ASSESS competence system offered by SCHEELEN® AG since 2004. Already 700 customers worldwide with about 12 million analyses per year use this new concept. Gain a decisive advantage and be part of the market launch in the German speaking countries!

OutMatch ASSESS Performance Analysis

The potential of a candidate is compared to an adequate comparison group and to standardized, industry-specific and workplace-specific requirements. Innate and work-specific personality traits are measured: cognitive, professional and relationship style. Each participant receives a detailed and meaningful feedback report about his/her strengths as well as about critical success factors related to his/her aspired professional position.

OutMatch ASSESS 360° Feedback Analysis

An individual’s self-image and external image are not always the same. This can cause difficulties in leading teams and complicate a team’s cooperation. The OutMatch ASSESS 360° Feedback Analysis shows this discrepancy and compares the feedback of all team members (supervisors, colleagues, employees) with a previously defined competency model.

OutMatch ASSESS Competency Analysis

OutMatch ASSESS Performance Analysis

OutMatch ASSESS 360° Feedback Analysis

OutMatch Video Interview

Design a convincing applicant journey for your candidates quickly and easily and thus create an extraordinary employer branding and a great experience!

Your advantages & benefits:

  • You can interview and evaluate candidates 100% virtually - time-independent – eventful and productive.

  • Create your individual candidate journal with short videos and company branding with image video, personal greeting sequence, transition and farewell. In this way you create a unique, positive and fulfilling candidate experience.

  • You´ll experience 60% time saving compared to conventional recruiting processes - thanks to a pre-recorded journey that leads every candidate easily through the whole process

  • Increased objectivity through competence-based interview questions.

  • Enjoy a simple candidate and employer dashboard for administration and evaluation.

  • Minimization of travel costs.

  • Evaluation of candidates by several people in the company through recorded interviews.

  • Competence-based interviews derived from the OutMatch ASSESS Reports.

Your advantages & benefits:


HR managers, trainers and consultants gain the ability to apply OutMatch ASSESS by SCHEELEN® in a targeted manner in recruiting, organizational and HR development processes as well as in training and coaching. They learn to analyze and create reports and competence models, to develop an action plan and to implement these measures.

In the seminar the basic skills and working techniques are introduced, including practical exercises and illustrative examples to deepen understanding. After passing the final exam, the successful graduates receive the non-transferable license to officially work as an OutMatch ASSESS Trainer.

Key Program Topics

  • Die wissenschaftliche Basis von OutMatch ASSESS by SCHEELEN®
  • Theoretische Hintergründe und Interpretationen der OutMatch ASSESS-Grafiken
  • Einführung in das OutMatch ASSESS-Kompetenz-Modell sowie die Kompetenzanalysen
  • Nutzen des OutMatch ASSESS-Reports im Live-Coaching
  • Die erweiterte Anwendung der aus dem OutMatch ASSESS-System gewonnenen Erkenntnisse (Personalauswahl, Coaching, Training)

Our experts introduce trainers, coaches and consultants to the foundations of the SCHEELEN® diagnostic tools and provide them with illustrative examples. The participants learn more about the tools’ possible fields of application within an organization, our attractive partner model and how they can further grow their range of services in cooperation with us.

Die Teilnehmer und Teilnehmerinnen testen die SCHEELEN®-Tools selbst: Jeder Teilnehmer erhält eine persönliche Analyse seiner Wahl inklusive einer telefonischen Interpretation seiner Ergebnisse.

Master Trainers and senior consultants of the SCHEELEN®AG come to your company to carry out targeted training programs. During an in-house accreditation leaders and HR managers gain the skills necessary to apply the OutMatch ASSESS by SCHEELEN® System independently in their organization.

Ausgehend von der Unternehmensstrategie werden in Workshops zukunftsfähige Kompetenzmodelle für verschiedene Positionen und Führungsebenen des Unternehmens entwickelt. In exakt auf die Kundenbedürfnisse zugeschnittenen Seminaren werden die als entwickelbar identifizierten Kompetenzbereiche individuell trainiert.


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  • Webinar
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