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Already more than 1.500 partners from Germany, Austria and Switzerland trust our tried and field-tested diagnostic tools. This is the way to go to successfully position your coaching, training and consulting services on the market.

As a partner you gain a number of long-term benefits from our sucessfully proven and licensed tools. Boost your competences, customer acceptance as well as your profits in cooperation with our powerful team.

  • No mandatory annual recertifications
  • Attractive starter kits & purchasing conditions
  • Personal online account, including your own logo in the reports
  • Acquisition security & commission schemes
  • Continuous technical support
  • Extensive presentation material
  • Complete training modules
  • Joint project handling

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Andreas Mehl

Director Partner Management & Competence Center


Ute Hönnige

Senior Sales Consultant


Lena Bernauer

Sales Coordinator

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Diverse areas of application for consultants, trainers and coaches

Personnel Selection

Job matching

  • Development of target profiles
  • Individual team composition
  • Elaboration of appropriate job advertisements
  • Assessment Center
  • Job interviews
  • Support in onboarding processes
  • Individual consulting to discover strengths and values as well as emotional qualities
  • Individual assessment through the RELIEF Stress Management


Professonalization through structured processes

  • Evaluation of an individual's current status
  • Professional reorientation
  • Job search
  • Self marketing & personal branding
  • Individual career consulting and assessments
  • Evaluation of an individual's current status through the ASSESS Competence Analysis

Personnel Development

Strategic personnel development

  • Management audit
  • Talent management
  • Leadership development
  • Sales training
  • Team building
  • Communication and conflict
  • Personnel selection and job profiles
  • Talent management / Assessment Center
  • Training / coaching

Corporate Health Management

Strengthen employer branding and maintain performance capacity

  • Corporate health management
  • Organization development
  • Individual coaching
  • Psychological risk analysis
  • RELIEF individual stress management
  • Resilience and performance maintenance

How to become a certified consultant, trainer and coach

Our professional training concept is based on a four-day educational program for each product. The accreditation is personalized. The certificate awarded at the end of the accreditation lists the competences acquired by the accredited consultant and legitimates the application of the respective instrument in consulting, training or coaching. No annual recertification is required.

Basic training
Duration: 3 days
1INSIGHTS MDI® Akkreditierung
Duration: 1 day
2INSIGHTS MDI® Master Akkreditierung
Additional Training
3INSIGHTS MDI® Emotionale Intelligenz Akkreditierung
Duration: 3 days
1ASSESS by SCHEELEN® Akkreditierung
Duration: 1 day
2ASSESS by SCHEELEN® Master Akkreditierung
Additional training
3Train-the-Trainer Module für Kompetenzentwicklung
Duration: 3 days
1RELIEF by SCHEELEN® Individuelle Akkreditierung
Duration: 1 day
2RELIEF by SCHEELEN® Master Akkreditierung
Additional training
3RELIEF Risiko Analyse
3INSIGHTS MDI® Emotionale Intelligenz Akkreditierung
3Train-the-Trainer Module für Kompetenzentwicklung
3RELIEF Risiko Analyse
Accreditation (Basic)

During the three-day basic accreditation program you gain profound knowledge of the scientific background and the practical application of the tools. Supported by our Master Trainers you take your first steps in the practical application of the tools and are introduced to the many fields of application of our assessment tools. We also offer this training and certification program in form of a two-day in-house accreditation.

Partnership Agreement

The completion of the Basic and Master Accreditiation and the acquisition of the license to offically work as an accredited consultant is an absolute prerequisite for cooperation. The partnership agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the cooperation in more detail. Concluding a partnership agreement with us allows you to obtain our tools for attractive purchasing conditions depending on your individual partner status. Hence, becoming a partner offers you the opportunity to start a profitable cooperation.

Master Accreditation

Take the chance to deepen your understanding and enhance your skills during the one-day Master Accreditation. Learn how to best apply our tools in the services you offer. Train your skills with the latest examples and gain more confidence in the application of the tools with your clients. Learn about further areas of application and get to know the benchmark process to create ideal target profiles.

Certified Partner

For certified partners, our purchase prices vary according to the purchase quantity per order. For these orders the graduated pricing scale according to the currently valid price list applies. There is no minimum order quantity and no annual purchase obligation.

Premium Partner

Premium Partners receive a cheaper fixed price according to their minimum order quantity per order. There is no annual purchase obligation.

Premium Plus Partner

Premium Plus Partners are offered an even cheaper fixed price according to their minimum order quantity per order. In addition, the partners agree on a mandatory annual purchase quantity.

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  • Seminar
  • Webinar
Zukunft Personal Köln
1 Starnberger Leadership Convention
02.-04.02. 2022
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20.-21.09. 2022
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More about our profiling tools

  • Behavioral Preferences
  • Driving Forces
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Target Selling Insights (Sales Strategy)
  • Performance Analysis
  • Competence Analysis
  • 360° Feedback
  • Risk Analysis of Mental Stress
  • Individual Stress Prevention Analysis
  • 360° Feedback Analysis of the 16 key competences in comparison with other global top leaders


Wir wurden 2019 erneut als "Top Consultant" ausgezeichnet. Mehr dazu im Blog.

Martin Limbeck | Inhaber | Martin Limbeck Trainings® Group

"[...] aus meiner Sicht das Beste, was es im deutschsprachigen Raum gibt!"

Elisabeth Schmid | Geschäftsführerin | DIE RAUMGEBER

"Weil Sie für uns inspirierende Beispiele für Unternehmentum sind"

Ulrich Merz | Geschäftsführer | Institut für Mittelstandserfolg

"[...] auch diese wissenschaftliche Fundiertheit, dieses klare Konzept, welches dahinter steht - das hat mich überzeugt"

Sibylle Scheiwiller | Operations Director | Rundstedt & Partner Schweiz AG

"[...] zu jeglichem Anliegen promt und auf sehr hohem Qualitätsniveau Antworten in allen Belangen [...]"

Mario Di Santo | Inhaber und Geschäftsführer | Di Santo & Partner GmbH

"[...] Dank dieser qualifizierten Unterstützung und Begleitung im Prozess dieser Weiterbildung [...]"

Willy R. Arnitz | Geschäftsführer | Rudolf Obrecht AG

„Die Scheelen AG überzeugt durch valide und businessnahe Auswertungstools und die passende Unternehmensberatung, dadurch können nachhaltig Führungskräfte und Schlüssel Mitarbeiter validiert, entwickelt und zur höchstmöglichen Performance geführt werden. Uneingeschränkte Empfehlung, vor allem für international agierende Konzerne und Mittelständler.“

Lothar Diete | Geschäftsführer | Go Inhouse